A Glamping Getaway in Treebone Resort, Big Sur

We all love the California Highway1 coastline. Every now and then we love to switch off our digitals and unwind amidst nature. More than luxury hotels, I look out for experiential accommodation like glamping and Treebone resort was at the top of my Bay Area glamping list. Finally, on my husband’s birthday,  we stayed at the Treebone resort for the weekend.

This trip turned out to be quite an unplanned adventure. Due to heavy winter rainfall followed by landslides this year, a major part of Highway 1 was closed around Treebone. So we had to take the only accessible route – the infamously famous Nacimiento-Fergusson road via Santa Lucia mountain range.  The road passes through a US Army Training Base protected area and then through the green forested Santa Lucia park. The last stretch of the road is super winding with hairpin twists and blind turns, in some places only wide enough for one vehicle and reaches a great elevation, with unguarded drops. But slowly it reveals the view of the Pacific in front of you like no other. It’s so stunning that I had to stop at every point for pictures. However, I would strongly advise avoiding this road in the dark to be safe.


The view of the coastline

May is the perfect season to see the blooms in Big Sur when the California poppy unfurls its deepest colors. Massive patches of green, gold and pink carpeted Highway1 nearly every corner. This made me so happy!




As we drove into the Treebone resort, I could slowly see my fantasy of experiencing a glamorous camping escape alongside beautiful Big Sur landscape come to life! This glamping eco resort comprises of stylish yurts, basic campsites, a tree house and a one-of-a-kind very popular Human Nest. All sites provide a great view facing the stunning ocean cliff. We camped at site #105. This place is really special. Located in the very tranquil peaceful place surrounded by mountains on one side and the ocean on other, with no cell network, this is the opportunity to completely rejuvenate. We instantly fell in love with the place.


Treebone yurts


Human Nest for two people


Waking up to the sounds of birds chirping and the ocean sipping on coffee while admiring the sun’s glimmering rays, or strolling the property and finding the elements of surprise like the open yoga studio, organic vegetable garden, and the tree house, ensures a heady experience – a high like no other!


Campsite #105

The property is very well maintained sprawled with flowers everywhere. It has a heated pool and jacuzzi, of course, overlooking the stellar view! After breakfast, we spent most of the time lazily in the hot tub taking in the view. Another favorite nook was the geometric swing bed where I curled up with my book and watched the glorious sunset fade behind the thick blanket of fog. It’s the panoramas from every point of Treebone that elevated the magic of our stay here.




We spent an entire afternoon exploring the nearby Sand Dollar Beach and Willow Creek. Big Sur is the mecca of outdoor activities to explore around with breathtaking hikes, waterfalls, redwood trees, creeks, ocean-facing ridges. We were lost in time to wilderness, blooms, the ocean, and freshest air.


Having worked up an appetite, we headed straight to the sushi restaurant at the Treebone for dinner. Hands down Treebone’s Wild Coast Sushi Bar is one of the best sushi restaurants! It’s popular among the locals and tourists alike, so reservations get over fast as soon as they start at 4.30 PM. I would suggest grab a drink and enjoy the fiery glistening sunset while you wait for your buzzer to ring. This place is one-of-a-kind culinary experience watching the chefs at work with the exquisite ingredients and a presentation that’s a visual feast. This is a MUST try for foodies in the area!


Wild Coast Sushi bar

True luxury lies in slowing down and Treebone offers the perfect opportunity to do just that. The way back through the Nacimiento-Fergusson road was much easier since we knew what to expect. Treebone resort is “glamping” at its finest,  a place so magical I never wanted to leave.

Undoubtedly one of California’s most memorable places to stay!


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