The Ultimate 5-day Itinerary to Yellowstone National Park

We visited Yellowstone National Park during the end of May. It was on the top of my bucket list as a premier destination for fascinating geothermal wonders, spectacular landscapes, and wildlife. Yellowstone spanning the three states of Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana, sits on a vast volcanic basin with the highest concentration of active geothermal features in the entire world, including geysers, the most colorful and unique hot springs, mud pots, and fumaroles. The park sings with new life in the springtime, so min-May/June is the best time to visit Yellowstone.

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A Weekend Getaway to Marin Headlands

As spring slowly sets in, we are restless to step outdoor. After a period of winter hibernation the first place that pops up in my mind to warm up is the Marin Headlands. Within such a short drive from San Francisco this place is blessed with abundant nature. Exiting Alexander Ave immediate northwest of Golden Gate Bridge is the lush green Marin headlands with steep hills jutting out into the Pacific ocean, miles of hiking trails along the cliffs overlooking stunning San Francisco skyline, the stark view of the Golden Gate bridge like no other, many secluded beaches and a lighthouse to top it off. It is perfect for a day outing without much planning. Continue reading

California Weekend Getaway to Big Sur

Big Sur is at the top on my list of most beautiful places in California. Untouched, with its remoteness and scenery unmatched it’s that magical place where I like to take a pause moment, unplug in nature, completely giving in to its serenity and rejuvenate. Just 3 hours south of San Francisco, the drive along the Pacific coastline has the same jaw-dropping effect every time. It is where the green Santa Lucia mountains meet the turquoise blue of the Pacific. Rolling down the car windows, deeply breathing in the air infused with fragrant eucalyptus and the sea is healing in itself. Stop often to absorb the stunning vistas, high cliffs, sandy beaches and toast to the gorgeous sunset. Continue reading

California Weekend Getaway to Tomales Bay

Whenever we are looking to let loose of all week’s responsibilities and take a break from the city,  Tomales Bay is our last minute getaway. Within 30 minutes drive from San Francisco is a whole remoteness to connect with nature. The drive itself is beautiful through the coastal landscapes, diverse habitats from redwood forest to rolling hills to postcard perfect grasslands and grazing cows. It’s so gorgeous that at every turn I am tempted to stop for a picture. The best time to visit is the spring when the hills are dotted with wildflowers that make my heart flutter.

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